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Deals for SIM Card Only

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I need to get a new sim card from a new phone provider, because I am no longer going to do business with the company that used to provide me with phone service. I signed up for a contract with them and it became clear only a few months into the contract that it was not right for me. However, I was not able to get out of it previously without paying an exorbitant amount of money to do so. I am checking for SIM only deals because I already have a phone that I want to use with my new phone provider and I do not want to have to buy another phone.

I am pretty excited about getting a new phone provider because being under my previous contract was a bit of a nightmare, and it felt like it was never going to end there for awhile. So it is quite a relief now that it is finally over with and I do not have to worry about it anymore. I am going to try to save money with my new provider and get a similar level of service. I want to have a good amount of data, but not too much. I am not sure exactly what would be right for me and so I am going to try to look over my history on my phone and see roughly how much data I have been using on a monthly basis. That should give me a better idea as to what to look for in a new provider. I am not going to settle for a deal that I am not happy with, so long as I have the opportunity to find better deals out there. So I am pretty confident that I will find one that works.

How to Root and Flash a Custom ROM on Motorola Droid X, Droid 2 and Droid 3

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Motorola Droid X, Droid 2 and Droid 3

Inspired by the name Android which happens to be the buzz term of the moment, The Droid X by Motorola is a heartthrob that everyone wants to own. The sturdy manly looks and the magnificent HD capabilities of this phone makes it one of the best of its times. Frankly, this phone cannot compete with the current generations of Android devices, but we can surely boost its performance by rooting it.

Before we proceed, be warned that although rooting will give you much more control over the setting and feel of your phone but it will finish any warranty or guarantee you might have with the manufacturer for your phone. Also, if not done properly, your manly phone can end up as a fancy paper weight.

  • Let us gather all the resources we need to proceed.
  • We need the right drivers for your Moto phone and MotorolaOneClickRoot.zip which you can find easily using Google. Once you have installed the drivers and extracted the root package on desktop proceed to the next step.
  • Switching to Developer Mode
  • Navigate to the settings on your phone and switch of the developer mode. To do this, go to Settings >> Application >> Development and check the USB Debugging option.
  • Next, attach your phone to the computer using the USB cable and make sure that phone is in Charge Only Mode.
  • Easiest Rooting Method
  • Now navigate to the folder where you extracted the files from MotorolaOneClickRoot.zip and run MotorolaOneClickRoot.exe. Follow the on screen instructions.
  • Rebooting Now
  • Within 3 steps and a couple of reboots, your phone will be ready with the super user abilities.
  • This is definitely the easiest procedure to Root the Droid. In fact the same process can be used with any Motorola device which runs on Gingerbread.
  • How to Flash a Custom ROM on Motorola Droid X
  • Once you have successfully rooted your phone, you can flash any custom ROM on it. The following tutorial will help you do this within a few minutes.
  • Search and download the ROM you want to install from the Internet.
  • Once you have the ROM, head to Play Store on your Android device and install ROM Manager which is available free of cost.
  • Run the app and select Clockworkmod Recovery. Confirm your action and allow the app to make changes when prompted.
  • Attach your phone to the computer using the USB Cable. Open your phone on the computer as a disk drive. Let the autorun show you the options and open the disk drive using the appropriate option.
  • Copy-Paste the ROM you downloaded in the first step in the phone.
  • Remove USB cable and run the ROM Manager application. Select ‘install ROM from SD Card’ and navigate to the room we have pasted in the phone.
  • The next step will show you 2 options – Backup Existing ROM and Wipe Data and Cache. You should and you must check both the options and continue with the process.
  • You phone will now restart in clockworkmod recovery. You do not need to do anything now. The phone will first backup your current settings (which will be helpful if something goes wrong) and later install the new ROM. The complete process will take somewhere around 15 minutes. After both the processes are done, the phone will restart.

During restart you will see the new elements of the ROM you just installed. Be patient as the phone will configure the new ROM and make changes accordingly. Once done, you will be asked to sign in with your Google Account. And we’re done!

Not Your Parents’ Carrying Cases

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Carrying cases are not new and have been around for a long time. The difference is what was included within your carrying case. At one time, cases were meant to simply hold items. Today, the most basic of carrying cases will hold items, but the truly special cases will do so much more.

For today’s busy professional or tech savvy consumer, it can be very handy to have a case equipped with charging ports. It’s possible to find these types of carrying cases in a wide variety of sizes. Models will vary depending on what devices you are looking to charge, but you can easily have cases special ordered to match your specific devices and needs. This works well for high-tech families, professionals, and IT personnel.

When you have multiple mobile devices in one case, it can be rather tempting for a would-be thief. If you are going to be traveling often, you will want to be sure your new case has anti-theft features. One of the most common types of theft protection on these carrying cases is a special lockable door that prevents any unwanted guests while your devices are charging.

Some devices can be extremely sensitive to the weather. It seems like one drop of water and your Android phone is toast. This is why the majority of high-quality carrying cases are made with weatherproof materials. If you’re unsure, simply ask when you get prices.

One of the most annoying things about buying almost any technology accessory is worrying if it will fit a new model or device. Instead of wasting money on pre-made carrying cases and accessories, inquire about custom or specially made carrying cases that allow you to adapt to new technology and upgrades. By using upgradable interiors and standard electronics, you can have a well-built and designed custom electronics case that is sure to run heads.

Life is m ore hectic and active than it has ever been. Don’t waste your time worrying about your mobile devices. Check out the newest carrying cases and custom built cases to match your needs. Spend your time enjoying your devices and not worrying about them.

Addressing the Challenge of a Growing Business

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When a person starts a small business, their goal is to create something that is going to generate revenue. Most small business owners start out with a moderate view of what they want financially from their company. The first few years they realize that they are basically going to be underwater. They are going to be covering expenses that are connected to starting and running their small business. However, after five years into the business, they are going to want to start to see some profit. Many small business owners are content with just seeing their business produce enough profit to allow them to cover their personal expenses, pay their employees, and put a little something away for the future.

However, some small business owners are fortunate enough to watch as their little idea takes off and becomes something bigger. There is a big difference between owning and operating a small business and owning a medium to large business. The personnel required to manage the business, the business strategy that is needed, and the finances needed are drastically different. For many small business owners, seeing their business become a success can be a surprise. They can feel overwhelmed by the new pressures that success brings.

Interestingly, if a small business owner is not ready to address these new challenges they face, they may find their small business growing faster than they can handle. Eventually, they will lose clients and may even lose their business.

Technology has played a large role in helping make the transition from a small business to a large one easier. For example, technology has led to improved communication, which allows business owners to interact in real time from virtually anywhere on the globe with their employees, clients, and customers. Communication is available through multiple channels almost instantly.

Technology has also helped by making it easier for businesses to acquire human capital. A growing enterprise needs people, but they need the right type of people. The Internet allows a business to spread the word about any job openings they have. At the same time, it allows business owners to digitally interview potential employees. They can screen their employees, as well as use social media and other tools to learn about their employees prior to hiring them on.

As a small business grows and expands, it will need to turn to professionals for advice on how to make the expansion work. Companies that specialize in SAP change management can provide a small business owner the positive reinforcement they need to make their growing business a success.

Good Scales for Determining Shipping Rates

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We needed a scale in our office that could weigh letters and parcels accurately for postage and shipping labels. We got a couple of NCI shipping scales to use due to the volume of letters and packages we were sending out every day. It sure saves time doing it at the office and having the post office and various shipping carriers pick up everything instead of having to have an employee drive everything to the various shippers. The scales we have are very accurate. You can check a letter to make sure it is not over the weight limit, and you can weigh a box weighing 150 pounds. We do not ship anything that weighs that much. I’m glad, because I would have to lift it!

A good scale in the office is a must if you are shipping anything that can have a variable weight. Continue reading

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