The advantages of Project Hazel Smart Mask Tech

Tech newest is the N95 smart mask, which is issued by the Singapore-American technology company Razor Inc. This company introduced the smart mask concept design at the global consumer electronic show or ces exhibition in 2021 to be precise on January 12, 2021. From the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, Razer has fully supported the fight against Covid-19. One of them is by producing certified medical masks and donating 1 million surgical face masks aimed at health workers who are under the Razer Health initiative. With the development of this smart mask, it is a sophisticated technology. This smart mask is called the project hazel, this mask has an air vent that can be removed and replaced with a new filter for air circulation that can absorb 95 percent of the particles in the air. This Razer is made complete with wireless charging and uses UV light technology which can sterilize the mask from bacteria and viruses during the charging process. The voice of the person wearing this mask will be more muted and less clear. But to overcome this, the razer embeds voice amp technology which is in the patented stage. This technology is also equipped with an amplifier and a microphone.

The advantages of Project Hazel Smart Mask Tech

The advantages of Project Hazel Smart Mask Tech

There are several advantages of this hazel smart mask project, which is the latest technology for smart masks in the world that has a high level of protection. So this can prevent and avoid viruses and bacteria. Here are some of the advantages of the hazel project smart mask, namely:

Increase the emphasis on cleanliness

This razer smart mask is claimed to increase the emphasis on cleanliness as well as readiness for unexpected health risks as well as reduce the environmental problems of disposable masks while enhancing multi-functional features.

Active ventilator

This hazel project smart mask uses an active ventilator which is designed to reduce disposable mask waste. Also, this razer mask can be removed and refilled and there is also a smart pod that can adjust the airflow for optimal air circulation.

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The other advantages of Project Hazel Smart Mask Tech

The other advantages of Project Hazel Smart Mask Tech

With the existence of these smart pods, it is claimed to have a high efficiency of filtering bacteria in filtering 95 percent of particles in the air and having high resistance to liquids.

This razer mask is designed to be transparent, so it can be used to interact with the people around it by seeing facial cues such as laughter or smile and also allows people who are hard of hearing to be able to read lips what the wearer is saying.

Also, this mask has an interior light that activates automatically in dark conditions, besides that, the user has 16.8 million color options to adjust the color of the lamp so that it allows the wearer to be able to express himself regardless of the lighting conditions.

This mask is made of waterproof, scratch-resistant material, coated with silicone, and has adjustable earloops to make it feel comfortable and safe when used.

With the latest technology, smart masks are expected to help prevent the transmission of viruses and bacteria. So that this can maintain a person’s health condition from various kinds of viruses and bacteria that can be transmitted.