3 Problems Managed IT Solves for Small Businesses

Many businesses, especially small businesses, make heavy use of IT by way of software and hardware. Often, these businesses don’t have a dedicated IT department or even a person. In many cases, there’s a managed IT service provider Plano businesses can use to easily solve many of the IT-related issues they have to deal with.

1. IT Duties Taking Up Too Much Time and Resources

The smaller the business, the more time IT issues can take to deal with. Even basic tasks can take up huge amounts of time. Those tasks can include:

  • Updating and testing software
  • Making sure disparate systems and programs work together
  • Making backups
  • Performing other maintenance and upkeep tasks

Some IT-related problems can show up frequently and require a great deal of time to troubleshoot and fix.

Since your business very likely depends on your IT systems working smoothly and efficiently, dealing with IT duties can also introduce a lot of downtime for your business. Worse, all these IT considerations will only grow as your business grows. That is, if these issues aren’t actively holding your business back.

2. IT Hires Costing Too Much and Draining Funds

IT problems can also cost a lot to deal with if you must continually hire out any of the maintenance, troubleshooting or repair duties. You can hire a dedicated IT person, but that’s an expensive proposition. The person you hire may not have the ability, training, or skill to handle all your IT systems adequately.

Availability can also become a problem. Beyond all these concerns, you will have to consider the costs associated with maintaining an employee, including their benefits, onboarding, and everything else that comes with hiring someone.

3. IT Solutions Moving Too Fast or Outpacing Your Business

Technology moves quickly. In the past, businesses would hold on to their IT solutions for as long as possible, but these days, that’s not always feasible. Every year, technology introduces new ways of doing things better, faster, and more efficiently. People are adopting these technologies quickly, and you need to make sure your own IT systems can keep up, especially if you want to stay ahead of competitors.

For each of these problems, a professional managed IT solution can work very well, especially for small businesses. Managed IT solutions, such as those offered by Global IP Networks, allows small businesses to have a partner that can handle as much or as little of their IT duties as they want.

Managed IT provides services such as:

  • System configuration
  • Troubleshooting
  • System monitoring
  • Advisory services
  • Technical assistance.

These services can work as your full, dedicated IT department. A managed IT service provider Plano small businesses can readily partner with will help make all the difference.

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