Difference between Autopilot and Autonomous Car Tech

Tech advanced for electric cars is autopilot technology. And maybe many think that a car with autopilot technology is the same as an unmanned car which is commonly called an autonomous car. However, this differs between autopilot and autonomous car tech.

Difference between Autopilot and Autonomous Car Tech

There are several differences between autopilot and autonomous technology that you can find out, to add insight and knowledge. Here are the differences in autopilot and autonomous car technology, namely:

Concept vehicle

One of the most basic differences in the concept of each vehicle. For this autopilot car, it carries the concept of self-driving. The autopilot concept car carried from the Tesla model x is similar to the autopilot concept in an airplane. As for this autonomous car, it carries the concept of driverless, aka fully unmanned.



Differences in vehicle concepts also greatly affect steering. In autopilot cars that carry the self-driving concept, the presence of the driver is still needed to turn the vehicle on and off. Also, the presence of the driver is very necessary in case of an emergency such as a sensor that suddenly turns off. Meanwhile, autonomous cars also really don’t need a driver. All systems in the vehicle can be controlled remotely.


Autopilot cars and autonomous cars both use a sensor system. But what distinguishes it is the type of sensor it uses. For this autopilot car uses a high specification camera sensor to replace the driver’s eye in seeing the road and surrounding objects. As for this autonomous car, it uses a radar light sense sensor which can be used for navigation activities. The sensor mechanism itself fires and recaptures the reflection of the laser beam to estimate the distance and dimensions of the object in front of it.

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Another thing that distinguishes the two-vehicle models above is the manufacturer that produces them. For autopilot cars produced by automotive manufacturers, such as Tesla Motors, Audi, BMW, and Bentley. Meanwhile, autonomous cars are mostly produced by technology giants like Apple, Google, and Baidu.

Level of security and risk

Level of security and risk

In autopilot cars, the level of safety is claimed to meet the standards. According to the national insurance crime bureau, the auto theft rate for Tesla cars is only 0.15 percent. Also, even though this is an autopilot, the Tesla accident rate is low. In several accidents, there have never been casualties. Meanwhile, autonomous cars that are still under development experience several obstacles such as unwanted maneuvers and software problems.

Production and marketing

If autopilot cars can be marketed through Tesla motor products, it is different from autonomous cars which are still in the development stage. As quoted from the BBC, Google, as the developer of the Waymo autonomous car, still has a lot to make improvements. Funding constraints are also a factor in the difficulty of mass production of Waymo. The latest news says that Google is opening up opportunities for other companies to work together on the Waymo project.

With the difference between autopilot and autonomy, of course, it will not make you confused anymore to distinguish between them. Because the autopilot still requires a driver. Meanwhile, autonomous can operate fully without a driver and the sensors used are also different.


The advantages of Project Hazel Smart Mask Tech

Tech newest is the N95 smart mask, which is issued by the Singapore-American technology company Razor Inc. This company introduced the smart mask concept design at the global consumer electronic show or ces exhibition in 2021 to be precise on January 12, 2021. From the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, Razer has fully supported the fight against Covid-19. One of them is by producing certified medical masks and donating 1 million surgical face masks aimed at health workers who are under the Razer Health initiative. With the development of this smart mask, it is a sophisticated technology. This smart mask is called the project hazel, this mask has an air vent that can be removed and replaced with a new filter for air circulation that can absorb 95 percent of the particles in the air. This Razer is made complete with wireless charging and uses UV light technology which can sterilize the mask from bacteria and viruses during the charging process. The voice of the person wearing this mask will be more muted and less clear. But to overcome this, the razer embeds voice amp technology which is in the patented stage. This technology is also equipped with an amplifier and a microphone.

The advantages of Project Hazel Smart Mask Tech

The advantages of Project Hazel Smart Mask Tech

There are several advantages of this hazel smart mask project, which is the latest technology for smart masks in the world that has a high level of protection. So this can prevent and avoid viruses and bacteria. Here are some of the advantages of the hazel project smart mask, namely:

Increase the emphasis on cleanliness

This razer smart mask is claimed to increase the emphasis on cleanliness as well as readiness for unexpected health risks as well as reduce the environmental problems of disposable masks while enhancing multi-functional features.

Active ventilator

This hazel project smart mask uses an active ventilator which is designed to reduce disposable mask waste. Also, this razer mask can be removed and refilled and there is also a smart pod that can adjust the airflow for optimal air circulation.

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The other advantages of Project Hazel Smart Mask Tech

The other advantages of Project Hazel Smart Mask Tech

With the existence of these smart pods, it is claimed to have a high efficiency of filtering bacteria in filtering 95 percent of particles in the air and having high resistance to liquids.

This razer mask is designed to be transparent, so it can be used to interact with the people around it by seeing facial cues such as laughter or smile and also allows people who are hard of hearing to be able to read lips what the wearer is saying.

Also, this mask has an interior light that activates automatically in dark conditions, besides that, the user has 16.8 million color options to adjust the color of the lamp so that it allows the wearer to be able to express himself regardless of the lighting conditions.

This mask is made of waterproof, scratch-resistant material, coated with silicone, and has adjustable earloops to make it feel comfortable and safe when used.

With the latest technology, smart masks are expected to help prevent the transmission of viruses and bacteria. So that this can maintain a person’s health condition from various kinds of viruses and bacteria that can be transmitted.


Future technology that Can Change the World

in terms of globalization, technology plays a significant role in changing the world, as we can see today. There are so many kinds of technologies created, and they make humans work to become more accessible and faster to do. The good news is that technologies will always develop, which means that there will be more and more technologies coming years ahead. In the passage below, you will find out the future technology that is very helpful and may change the world. 

Five Future Technologies That Can Change The World

Here are the out-breaking future technology with promising projects that will be very useful and play a significant role in assisting humans’ work. 

Artificial Intelligence 

Artificial Intelligence

Today, we have witnessed some artificial intelligence equipped in our smartphones and also in other sophisticated devices. However, some researchers and engineers will create and design a more advanced AI that could do many complex tasks in the future. Some of them are to do algorithms for financial purposes, recognize and identify images and objects, medical studies, etc.

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Self-Driving Cars

In terms of mobile transportation, engineers also have planned to create self-driving cars in the future. Besides, these self-driving cars are also designated to be more eco-friendly as it is based on electric energy which doesn’t produce any pollution. These automatic driving cars also wished to reduce the number of traffic accidents, and it is also equipped with many other sophisticated detectors and sensors. 

3D Printings

3D Printings

Another future technology that comes to be very useful is the 3D printings. Compared to 2D printing that uses papers and ink, these 3D printings will be responsible for printing objects with shapes and volumes. It combines the 3D software and 3D scanner to implement the 3D printings. The materials used also vary, starting from plastics, clays, and many others. 

Big Data

The data stored for many kinds of platforms need to be navigated, and they are called the Big Data. In order to process such complicated and extensive data, we need to perform a standard computerized method. Big Data involves several processes that could process and navigate a vast amount of data that will be very helpful in many fields, such as tourism, finance, human resources, astronomy, etc. 

Virtual Reality

We have seen some tech brands launch virtual reality technology to create a 3D user that is able to move and interact within the user’s order. In the future, the researchers will develop a more advanced technology that will enable the real world to be augmented to digital information. Hopefully, these technologies will be helpful in the designing fields, like automobiles, clothing design, architecture, and many more. 

Many researchers and engineers have worked hard on the future technology mentioned above. Those technologies are worth to work on since they can bring many advantages in assisting humans to work and give impactful effect for the future generation. 


Types of Social media that Suits Your Business

What kinds of business are you running right now? If you want to have a tremendous promoting performance, you may consider using social media. Recently, social media is one of the most commonly used platforms for kinds of purposes. It is not only for communicating or sharing things, but it also becomes one of the best media to promote your business. Based on the kinds of social media, let’s find out which social media suits best for your business!

5 Types of Social media for Promoting Your Business

Here are the five most used social media that you can use as a marketing platform and what’s good about each of them. Let’s learn about each forum from the article below. 

Social shopping networks

Social shopping networks

Online shopping attracts people’s attention so much. Thus, several social shopping networks ease the selling and buying processes. Some of them are Etsy, Polyvore, and many others. Those social media are suitable for any business, either a reputable or small business. Not only selling things, but you can also engage quickly with the customers through this social media

Social networking media

Suppose you want to build a good relationship among the customers or find out more about market research, brand awareness, and other related things. In that case, you may consider getting to know about the social network type. Some of them are through Facebook or Twitter. Not only sharing about daily lives, but you can also share recent news happening around you, including promoting your business for faster engagement. 

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and Speed with Innovative Software

Media Sharing

For those who want to promote business through media, like pictures, videos, live videos, etc., the media sharing type may be the right solution. Some recommended media sharing platforms are Youtube, Instagram, and Snapchat. Unlike the previous social media, these platforms enable the users to focus more on sharing media, which can be a perfect place to promote your business to various customers. 

Discussion Forum

Discussion Forum

One of the old functions of social media is a discussion forum. Some of the best discussion forum social platforms are Quora, Reddit, and many more. However, these platforms are best for doing marketing researches. However, the promotion may do here since you can still attach your brands’ ads into these platforms. 

Bookmarking Networks

Pinterest is one of the examples of bookmarking networks. This social media allows the user to bookmark pictures or videos they want and separate them into several bookmark groups, which is pretty useful for the business brand awareness. It also provides what’s trending and recommends similar topics based on the user’s interest. 

There are still many kinds of social media you can find for promoting your business. After seeing the best social media type, you also need to consider the strategy you will use in promoting your brand. Ensure you can design creative content so that it can attract more users and promote your business faster.