We needed a scale in our office that could weigh letters and parcels accurately for postage and shipping labels. We got a couple of NCI shipping scales to use due to the volume of letters and packages we were sending out every day. It sure saves time doing it at the office and having the post office and various shipping carriers pick up everything instead of having to have an employee drive everything to the various shippers. The scales we have are very accurate. You can check a letter to make sure it is not over the weight limit, and you can weigh a box weighing 150 pounds. We do not ship anything that weighs that much. I’m glad, because I would have to lift it!

A good scale in the office is a must if you are shipping anything that can have a variable weight. If you are selling one type of product, then you can just keep printing the same shipping labels based on known quantities. If one bottle weighs a pound, then you know that two of them weigh two pounds and so on and so forth. However, we have a lot of different products we ship from our office in mix and match quantities. Every box weighs something different. The scales let us get an accurate weight for shipping. It is cheaper to go with the accurate rate rather than using those boxes that let you ship anything you can fit into it. Only on occasion are those valuable to us. We use them if we have a small object that is very heavy. Those are usually made of metal, and we do not have a lot of products like that.

Scales need to be accurate, or you will get called on it at some point for shipping things of the wrong weight. Of course, this is especially true if you try to go light on your shipping labels. We use the NCI shipping scales and do not have any trouble with them so far.