The Impact of Ocean Pollution

Ocean pollution is a major topic of interest among people who are concerned about the future of the planet. Over the last few decades, the state of the world’s oceans and marine life have been plagued by various types of pollution that have caused significant harm. As a result, scientists, marine biologists, and companies like PRT Offshore have taken important steps to prevent the destruction of our oceans and preserve underwater ecosystems and marine life.

Since oceans are the world’s largest bodies of water, they play an important role in the future of the planet. As ocean pollution increases, a variety of harmful, toxic substances pose a rising threat to marine life and ecosystems. Some major causes of ocean pollution include chemicals, sewage, petroleum, plastics, and acid rain.

Industrial Chemicals

Much ocean pollution is caused by industrial chemicals and agricultural waste that is dumped into the ocean by certain industries. Fertilizers, pesticides, and other toxic chemicals used in farming and agricultural industries are commonly dumped into the ocean. These types of pollutants create thermal pollution by raising the ocean’s temperature and changing pH levels in the water. As a result, many plants and animals perish.


Most raw sewage enters our oceans through man-made sewer systems, but if can also enter through underground pipes, drainage lines, streams, lake, and rivers. When sewage filters into the ocean, it quickly creates an unhealthy environment for marine life by reducing sunlight and oxygen levels in the water. Many fish, large mammals, and plant organisms ingest the sewage thinking it is a food supply. The result if often severe illness and death.

Oil Spills

As the need for oil becomes more important, offshore drilling plays a big role in attainable, affordable oil. Unfortunately, oil spills create a major source of ocean pollution that kills marine life for a long time. Leading companies like PRT Offshore are using high-tech equipment like Subsea intervention to prevent dangerous oil spills and protect marine life.


Our oceans are now filled with a large amount of plastic as the result of human littering, trash, and recycled waste products. Plastic containers and bottles, food wrappers, trash bags, and plastic products are causing a lot of problems in our oceans today. Marine organisms, fish, and other mammals often ingest these plastic materials which lead to internal organ damage, reproduction problems, and premature death.

Acid Rain

Although acid rain is not a major source of ocean pollution, it does contribute. Rotting vegetation, fossil fuels, and erupting volcanoes release nitrogen oxide into the air, then winds carry it for thousands of miles over lands and oceans. When nitrogen oxide reacts with water, it forms sulphuric acid which makes ocean water acidic and prevents the growth of most underwater organisms and marine life.

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